This comic cover* from September 1948 by publisher Standard Comics leaves a bit to the imagination.  Boots is clearly contemplating a ride in a rowboat, but with whom and to where?  Are they traveling across the lake to the somewhat spooky looking fishing cabin?  Why is the fully dressed guy in the water, while the two in swimwear are out of the water?  Indeed, exactly which of the two are Boot’s real buddies – if either or both?

File55bootsAs it turns out, the boat was for fishing for the mountain lodge’s dinner.  And Boxwood (who states “that little Boots trick is a knock-out”) winds up being a fake.  But Handy proves to have football potential, and is recruited by Boot’s collegiate coach to play for her team.  Regardless of what is going on with the cover, Boot’s herself does look rather fetching in it.

1142016fix3Boots and Her Buddies was yet another example of a comic remake from a popular newspaper comic strip (in this case one that ran from 1924 to 1969).  The stories revolved around the well-formed Boots (who resembles a Jazz Age flapper) attending Monmouth College. The college name was paying homage to creator Edgar Martin’s hometown, Monmouth, Illinois.

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