Margie Comics #46 has a cover date of June 1947 (#36) and contains a super early, fist ever appearance of none other than comic avant-gardist Stan Lee as Editor-in-Chief.

Stan, married to a cousin of Timely publisher Martin Goodman, started as an assistant at Timely when he was just 16 years old. He was promoted to interim editor by age of 19 (1942).

Stork Club’s Cub Room, November 1944. From left-Orson Welles (with cigar), Margaret Sullavan with husband, owner Sherman Billingsley (center table at far right), Morton Downey (at right).

You can tell the staff at Timely were having a lot of fun with the now 24 year old Stan.  They actually placed him into this issue of Margie Comics as himself, and he takes Margie on a date.

“You may inform Mister Lee that Margie is here to see him!” “Where are we going mister Lee?”  “Just call me Stan!  I have a table reserved at the Stork Club.” “I’ll bet all the celebrities come here!”  

Indeed, with great power does come great responsibility!


Margie Comics #49

Margie Comics #49

Margie was created and drawn by Morris S. Weiss, who drew many of the teen-comedy and working gal titles Timely was putting out during this era – such as Millie, Tessie, Nellie, Hedy and Patsy. Margie Comics ran during 1946 through 1949 for 15 issues.

My other issue is #49* from December 1949.

* Sold Copy



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