Captain Marvel #67

Captain Marvel #67

Following Captain Marvel’s debut in Whiz Comics in 1940, Fawcett embarked on a 12-year journey producing 150 issues of his own Captain Marvel title. However, locating an issue with a “good girl” cover can prove challenging. Nonetheless, issue #67* from November 1946 comes remarkably close. In this installment, “Captain Marvel gets a secretary,” the Captain and his secretary are depicted in a “carry bride over the threshold” pose against the bustling backdrop of downtown New York City. “Shazam!

Readers are invited to explore the comic to uncover how Joan Jameson secures a job with Captain Marvel, while her fellow business college graduate and roommate, Dina Duval, harbors different ambitions. “The first chance I get, I’ll marry some rich businessman and live a life of ease.” C. C. Beck‘s artwork beautifully captures the essence of the characters and the dynamic between them.

An intriguing twist lies in the modern iteration of Captain Marvel, who is now a female character. This transformation stems from a legal battle between Fawcett and DC Comics, with DC alleging that Captain Marvel was a derivative of Superman. Eventually, Fawcett relinquished the rights. However, before DC could revive the series, Marvel Comics secured the rights to the name “Captain Marvel.” Consequently, DC’s character was rebranded as “Shazam,” while Marvel’s Captain Marvel underwent a gender change after a series of iterations spanning 40 years.

Over time I also added Captain Marvel #13, #26* (patriotic war time cover), #28 (Uncle Sam), #37* (war bonds cover), #41 (the highest graded copy at 9.6 of Captain Marvel for President), #42* (x-mas cover) and #47* (Shazam).

* Sold Copy