Despite Fawcett‘s 150 issues of Captain Marvel over 12 years, it is not easy to find an issue with a “good girl” cover.  However, “Captain Marvel gets a secretary” in issue #67 from November 1946 is pretty darn close.  Both the Captain and Secretary are looking quite pleased in their “carry bride over the threshold” pose, complete with downtown New York City in the background. “Shazam!

Click on the image for a .pdf of the comic, and see how Joan Jameson lands a job with the Captain, while fellow business college graduate and roommate Dina Duval has other ideas in mind. “The first chance I get, I’ll marry some rich businessman and live a life of ease.”   Artwork by C. C. Beck.

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And yes, today Captain Marvel is female. You see, D.C. had a lawsuit against Fawcett that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman.  So eventually Fawcett ceded rights, but before D.C. could pick the series back up, Marvel Comics won the rights to the name.  So, D.C.’s Captain Marvel became Shazam, and Captain Marvel at Marvel (after 7 iterations over 40 years) became a female character.

Also added Captain Marvel #26 from August 1943, a nice patriotic war time cover and decent grading copy.

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