Mighty and Mitzi Mouse

Mighty and Mitzi Mouse

Remember the iconic mice of the 50s? Mickey Mouse was just the tip of the iceberg! Dive into the rodent revolution that took over your screens and comic books with characters like, Marmaduke Mouse, Minute Mouse, Atomic Mouse, Danger Mouse, Supermouse (“The big cheese”), and Mouse Musketeers! But there’s one mouse that soared above them all – Mighty Mouse!

Crafted as a direct spoof of Superman by Terrytoons studio, Mighty Mouse burst onto the scene in 1942, delivering 80 theatrical films and even snagging an Oscar nomination for ‘Gypsy Life’ in 1945!   But that’s not all – studio boss Paul Terry sold Terrytoons to CBS in 1955 and it used the films as Saturday morning television filler from 1955 to 1967!

Pearl Pureheart

Pearl Pureheart

But the adventure didn’t stop there! Mighty Mouse leaped into the pages of comics, bouncing between publishers like Marvel and St. John Publications, captivating readers with daring rescues and sci-fi showdowns against intergalactic invaders! And let’s not forget his leading ladies – Pearl Pureheart and Mitzi Mouse, the ultimate damsels in distress!

With legendary animator Art Bartsch at the helm, Mighty Mouse’s comic escapades reached new heights, blending action-packed illustrations with heartwarming tales of heroism!

Who says being a superhero is all about fighting villains? For Mighty Mouse, the toughest decision is choosing between Pearl Pureheart and Mitzi Mouse – talk about having a mighty love life!


Terry Toons #60 St. Johns September 1947


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