Miss Fury #1 Dynamite Entertainment, 2013 Series

Miss Fury #7 (Fall 1945) Marvel, 1942 Series

This is my favorite cover from the eight-book series of Miss Fury comic books, which originally ran from 1942 to 1946. Each of these covers is credited to, or thought to be the work of, Alex Schomburg.

In each cover, we see Miss Fury in her iconic skin-tight panther leotard, performing daring feats like swooping, leaping, and swinging. She’s depicted swiftly dispatching evil Axis leaders in the first five issues and taking on criminal gangsters in the last three. What makes the Miss Fury #7 cover stand out is its inclusion of a bright red mid-40s automobile complete with white-wall tires.

Timely/Marvel reprinted the Sunday newspaper strips drawn by Tarpe Mills, which began on April 6, 1941. While Miss Fury almost claimed the title of the first female superhero, that distinction belongs to characters like Woman in Red (Thrilling Comics #2, March 1940), Lady Luck (Spirit newspaper section, June 2, 1940), Invisible Scarlet O’Neil (The Chicago Times, June 3, 1940), and the superhero parody Red Tornado (All-American #20, November 1940).

Beyond her snug-fitting costume, Miss Fury was known as Marla Drake, a sophisticated woman who resided in a penthouse and was a prominent figure in society. However, when she donned the ceremonial robe inherited from her uncle, an African witch doctor, she transformed into Miss Fury, dedicating herself to the betterment of all mankind.