This is my favorite cover from the brief, eight book, Miss Fury comic book series that ran from 1942 to 1946. Covers on each are credited to, or thought to be by, Alex Schomburg.

Each features a swooping, leaping, swinging Miss Fury in skin tight panther leotard.  She swiftly kicks evil axis WWII leaders (in first five issues) and criminal gangsters (in last three issues). This issue’s cover is unique in that it features a bright red mid-40’s automobile, complete with white wall tires.

Timely/Marvel reprinted the Tarpe Mills drawn Sunday newspaper strips that started in April 6, 1941. This almost, but not quite, made Miss Fury the first female superhero. Those honors go to The Woman in Red (Thrilling Comics #2, March, 1940); Lady Luck (Spirit newspaper section, June 2, 1940); Invisible Scarlet O’Neil (The Chicago Times, June 3, 1940); and superhero spoof The Red Tornado (All-American #20, November, 1940).

Outside of her close fitting costume, Miss Fury was Marla Drake, a penthouse dwelling gal about town. But when garbed in the former ceremonial robe of an African witch doctor inherited from her uncle, she became for the betterment of all mankind, Miss Fury.