The Adventures of Bob Hope is a comic book series that was published by National Periodical Publications (DC Comics). The series ran for 109 issues from 1950 through 1968 featuring stories based on comedian Bob Hope.


Issue #11* (left) and #23* (right) are the GGA art of Owen Fitzgerald – who had worked for Walt Disney Studios and would go on to do the Dennis the Menace Sunday newspaper strip. They were published in 1951 and 1953 respectively.

In #23* Hope’s mad-cap adventures take him on a transatlantic crossing aboard the S.S. Macaroni where he meets Italian actress Laura Lasagna.

bh22He also winds up on a cruise ship in #11* as a steward escaping from his stint as King of Washalova and it’s tank corps composed entirely of attractive females.

Inside yet another issue (#22*) we also find Hope in a cruise ship theme, on board the real life Queen Mary (image left).

The formula of licensing the right to use Hollywood stars, such as Jerry LewisDean MartinAlan Ladd and Bob Hope was adapted in the early 1950s when sales for superhero themed comics started declining; but by the late ’60s sales for the Hope series also began to falter and it was canceled.

* Sold copy
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