This strange headlight cover features Rulah Jungle Goddess literally “taking the bull by the horns.”  It was published by Fox Feature Syndicate in November 1948.  The comic was specifically pointed out in Seduction of the Innocent despite including an interesting public service message about gun safety to veterans with WWII souvenir firearms.

Screenshot (6)The cover is illustrated by Jack Kamen, known for his “Kamen girls,” the well endowed maidens who frequently appeared in his drawings. Interestingly, Kamen’s son Dean Kamen is the creator of the Segway scooter.  Issue #14* features not only Rulah but Phantom Lady as well.

haIssue #18* on left was another (like Fighting Yank) that took me a couple years to locate, and I had to settle for something in a bit less than ideal condition.  This copy has tape throughout the whole bottom right corner.

This was the last issue (July 1949) from the GGA riddled series. The cover artist is not listed, but it is interesting to note the brunette being threatened by the snake is almost the reverse image of the brunette on this cover of Jungle Jo a year later.  Stories inside attributed to Matt Barker and Jack Kamen would have been done near the end of their tenure with Fox, as the company was nearing its end.

*sold copy

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