Zoot Comics #14a*

Zoot Comics #14a*

Zoot Comics started out as a part of the “funny animal” genre of comic books that was popular in the mid-20th.   The series featured anthropomorphic animal characters, such as Quizzo the Owl who hosts the radio quiz show “Fact or Consequence” – when the contestants get a wrong answer, they are forced to perform dangerous stunts.  Other anthropomorphic-funny animal characters in the series included Pinky Penguin and the James Bond villainess sounding Pussy Katnip.

But by issue seven Fox Feature Syndicate turned to the Jungle Girl genre and introduced the first appearance of “Rulah, Jungle Goddess.”

Zoot #16

American aviatrix Jane Dodge crashed her plane in the jungle and had to resort to constructing a revealing jungle outfit from giraffe hide and parachute cords.  As she goes off in search of people Jane observes Nurla, claiming to be the Moon Goddess and deceiving the inhabitants of Towla Village. The people of Towla have Jane fight a leopard to prove her worthiness, then designate her their “jungle goddess.”  A fierce and capable jungle adventurer, she often found herself battling against dangerous animals and evil villains and her stories often featured her using her physical prowess and intelligence to overcome obstacles along with a pet panther named Saber. 

Rulah’s popularity led to her being featured on the covers of many of her comic books, often in provocative poses that were typical of the era’s pulp fiction and adventure stories.  She even popular enough to spin off her own self-titled series that competed with numerous other jungle women such as Blonde Panther, Zegra, Sheena and Tigergirl.

Zoot #12

Zoot Comics #14a* was published by Fox Feature Syndicate on March 1948.  Matt Baker is both cover artist and the artist in two Rulah inside stories titled “The Pearls of Patmos” and “Condemned.”

Zoot #16 was the last Zoot, published July 1948.  Cover artists are un-credited, Iger Shop (possibly including Matt Baker).




















*Sold copy.