Wonder Comics #13 (August 1947)

The Standard/Better/Nedor version of Wonderman is not to be confused with the Wonderman sued out of existence by D.C. in 1940 (having been published by Fox).  Fox changed the Wonder Comics series name to Wonderworld Comics after the lawsuit and dropped Wonderman after just one issue.

Curiously, that didn’t prevent a new Wonderman from appearing just four years later in the 132 page, .25 cent Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1 (Aug 1944).  Created by Bob Oksner, Wonderman was real life Brad Spencer.  wondermanHe obtained his “hard as steel” bullet proof super strength from touching a “sizzling voltage of a secret current.” If there were no subsequent phone calls from D.C.’s lawyers this time, it’s a wonder there were none from angry parents whose kids were sticking fingers in electric outlets to gain their own superpower?

The character went on to appear in Mystery Comics #1-4 and in Wonder Comics #9 (December 1946) to #20.  The appearance in Wonder Comics also marked the switch over by Wonder Comics to the Alex Schomburg airbrushed science fiction covers. Carol Paige served as Brad Spencer/Wonderman’s gal pal and love interest.

I’ve regrettably sold numbers #10*, #13* and #20* but still own a “Wonder”ful #19.

Wonder Comics #19

*Sold copy


Wonder Comics #20 (October 1948)


Wonder Comics #10 (February 1947)