Click to readWilbur Comics #29 on the left from Archie Comics was published February 1950.

The cover gag, “Wilbur, when I say pay more attention to figures, I mean the ones on the blackboard!” featuring Wilbur Wilkin and Miss Gargle Cover is a doppelganger of Laugh Comics #32 (April 1949) .

Having discovered how great Wilbur’s actually are, I started adding the “best of the best”  but gave up and sold them all except the #29 and #40 (December 1951 – complete with Bill Vigoda football cover). 

Some of Wilbur books I owned are shown below, #6* with an awesome spin the bottle cover, #8* (Spring 1946) with a not-so-subtle innuendo by cover artist Al Fagaly, #11* with the “hot for teacher” theme, and #28* with the “who is that nurse passing by cover.”

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* Sold Copy