U.S.A. Comics was published by Timely Comics, the 1930-1940s predecessor to Marvel Comics. The series ran 17 issues between August 1941 and Fall 1945.

The series contained no main star until capitalizing on Captain America’s popularity during World War II. USA Comics began headlining Captain America with issue #6 (Dec. 1942).   USA Comics also showcased a plethora of other catchily named early superheroes including Basil Wolverton’s super-speedster the Whizzer, mythological ice-king Jack Frost, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s the Defender,  Mr. Liberty (later renamed Major Liberty), Rockman, Captain Terror, the American Avenger and the Vagabond.

USA Comics #16 July 1945 was the fifth and last piece in my great Alex Schomburg  Captain America quintuple run of motorcycle covers that also includes: