It took me several years to locate my first copy of The Fighting Yank #27 – I have since been lucky enough to upgrade this this awesome condition book. Published January 1949 by Nedor/Better, cover art features the iconic Alex Schomburg (signed right across the hood of the convertible automobile). This, along with apparently low circulation, make it fairly rare and in demand.  

And what is not to like?  Third generation American Bruce Carter III is donning the magic cloak (for super strength and protection) of his Revolutionary War grandfather while speeding alongside a train on a motorcycle.  He appears to be chasing a well-endowed redhead.  It seems she would rather avoid a formal introduction with our superhero.  What would Bruce’s girlfriend Joan Farwell have say about Bruce’s pursuit? Who knows, she doesn’t seem to mind the knee high stockings, brass buckled shoes and beaver lined “tricorn” hat?  

The Fighting Yank #27

Also picked up #1*, #11* and #14* – two with fantastic Alex Schomburg covers, all of which I regret selling!  But you can’t own the all, right?








*Sold copy