It took me several years to locate my first copy of The Fighting Yank #27, and since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to upgrade to this remarkable condition book. Published in January 1949 by Nedor/Better, the cover art features the iconic Alex Schomburg‘s signature, right across the hood of the convertible automobile. This, coupled with its apparent low circulation, renders it fairly rare and highly sought after.

The Fighting Yank #27

And what’s not to love? Third-generation American Bruce Carter III is depicted donning the magic cloak, which grants him super strength and protection, inherited from his Revolutionary War grandfather. He’s seen speeding alongside a train on a motorcycle, seemingly in pursuit of a well-endowed redhead who appears reluctant to engage with our superhero formally. What might Bruce’s girlfriend, Joan Farwell, have to say about Bruce’s pursuit? Who knows, given her apparent lack of concern over Bruce’s attire, which includes knee-high stockings, brass-buckled shoes, and a beaver-lined “tricorn” hat.

Over the years, I also managed to acquire copies of #1*, #11*, #14* and #17* – three of which boasted fantastic Alex Schomburg covers, all of which I now regret selling! But as they say, you can’t own them all, right








*Sold copy