tcm20152Suzie Comics #51 (September 1945) is actually just the third issue in self-titled series, numbering was continued from Laugh Comix #48. Suzie herself first appeared July 1942 in the predecessor nto the series, Top-Notch Laugh Comics #28. Suzie began in the “working girl” genre in the likes of Nellie, Tessie etc., except, due to her “blonde bumbling,” she could never stay working  The cute but clumsy protagonist befriends the awkward Ferdie and for Cindymuch of the brainless brainless beauty’s run, Katy Keene served as her backup stories. Curiously, stories for both Cindy and Katy always seemed to revolve around endless reasons for requiring a change of clothing? “If you knew Suzie like WE know Suzie”


Splash Page Suzie #60

Other issues include Suzie Comics #56 (December 1946). One of my top twenty covers, “The Piano Tuner” is by Al Fagaly. He also did the covers of the other issues here, Suzie Comics #60* (December 1947), #62* (April 1948) #69* (June 1949) and #73 (February 1950). Of note, the Suzie #69 is referenced decades later in August 2007 issue of Archie & Friends #110. Katy Keene goes to a California comic convention where she looks for Suzie Comics #62, the only one of the series she’s missing.
















* Sold copy