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Sunny, America’s Sweetheart #13*

Sunny, America’s Sweetheart #11 and #13*, published by Fox Feature Syndicate, are dated December 1947 and April 1948, respectively. Although the Sunny comic series had a brief run of only four issues, it has garnered significant popularity among collectors, primarily attributed to the distinctive artwork by Al Feldstein featured on both the covers and inside stories.

The “Feldstein style” exhibited in this series boldly pushed the boundaries of traditional comic book aesthetics. This audacious artistic direction can be seen as a response to Victor Fox’s strategic efforts to boost sales and counter declining revenue, particularly towards the conclusion of the Golden Age of comics.

Visualize a blend of pin-up icon Betty Grable and the comic charm of Archie Andrews’ Veronica Lodge, and you’ll encounter one of the standout examples of “headlights” and “Good Girl” art from the Golden Age of comics, potentially rivaled only by Torchy in sheer audacity.

In addition to his contributions to Sunny, America’s Sweetheart, and Junior, Feldstein showcased his artistic prowess in “Meet Corliss Archer” for Fox Feature Syndicate. Intriguingly, this title emerged as a spin-off from a long-running radio program, emphasizing the distinctive power of comics to convey messages in ways not achievable through radio alone.

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