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Sunny #13

Al Feldstein “Junior”

Sunny #13* from Fox Feature Syndicate is dated April 1948.  This book is largely popular due to the Al Feldstein “Junior”
art inside.  While artists of other inside stories differ, they all clearly followed Feldstein’s lead in regard to style.

This style definitely pushed the envelope for comic books, and that was no doubt enthusiastically cheered-on under the sales seeking publisher Victor Fox to help fend off sagging revenue.

Think of pin-up Betty Grable fused with comics  Archie Andrews‘ Veronica Lodge in order to create  one of the top Golden Age examples of comic book “headlights” and “Good Girl” art.   It might only be rivaled by Torchy for sheer audacity.

In addition to Junior and Sunny, Feldstein also did Meet Corliss Archer for Fox Features Syndicate.  Curiously, the latter title was a spin-off of a long running radio program – proving once again the power of comics to deliver messages in ways just not possible in radio. 







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