Smash Comics #10

Smash Comics #10

Smash Comics #10 was published by Quality on May 1940.

The cover features Bozo the Robot with art by Bozo creator George Brenner.  Long before there was “Iron Man” there was Bozo the Robot, being controlled from the inside by Hugh Hazzard.  In fact, he is said to be the first robot ever shown on comic book cover

Besides Bozo, other heroes shown on the cover inserts are:

  • hangupsisterBlack X, who’s inside story “Mission to Finland” is by Will Eisner.  Black X was the world’s first “super spy” acting as an espionage agent under officer Major Gale.  In “real life” he is criminologist Richard Spencer.   
  • Wings Wendall, is an Army Air Corp  officer and “Greatest Pilot in the World.”
  • Invisible Hood (aka Invisible Justice) was created by Art Pinajian and is gifted with the power of invisibility by a scientist.
  • Chic Carter, former Olympian fencer who fights evil doers in domino mask and fencing outfit by night, and works as a newspaper crime reporter by day.

From inside Archie O’Toole story titled “The Night after New Years” by George Tuska