71620158-973x1582Slave Girl Comics #1 was published by Avon Periodicals on February 1949 and is listed in Brent Frankenhoff’s “The Greatest Comic Book Covers of All Time.” It is rightfully considered a “key book” in the Good Girl Art genre.

And it wasn’t just the cover that made the book sizzle. Further digging inside reveals the editors at Avon either accidently overlooked or purposefully ignored the dreaded belly button ban – an oversight that was quickly corrected in the second and only follow-up issue. There were actually junior artists back in the Golden Age who had a job to make art corrections – corrections that frequently involved removing cleavage and belly buttons.

The cover and all inside stories were drawn by Howard Larsen. The stories feature contiguous tales of Malu, the Slave Girl who is the kidnapped princess of Ormuz. She encounters various adventures as she crosses paths with bandits, pirates and boyfriends.

Avon Books was a paperback book company that purchased a pulp magazine publisher and renamed it “Avon Publications.” Under that name it published comic books from the mid ‘40’s to mid ‘50’s – about the same time frame that Howard Larsen was active as a comic book artist.