Skyman, as the name indicates, was an aviation hero. He grew up as orhan Allen Turner and was raised by his uncle. Typical of so many superheroes who had the time and inclination to battle evildoers, he had inherited both great wealth and “goldenboy” physical and mental abilities.

Skyman was created by Gardner Fox (The Flash, Hawkman and Adam Strange) and artist Ogden Whitney with his first appearance in Big Shot Comics #1* (May, 1940).

His key crime fighting tool was “The Wing,” an aircraft powered by magnetism – enabling it to reach incredible speeds but also float silently.  The latter feature allowed him to stealthily lower himself via a cable  as shown here on this cover
from Skyman Columbia Comics #3 January, 1947.  That’s Sky Man’s swinging partner Untitledand main squeeze Fawn Carroll with him. And yes, she’s a newspaper reporter – what else?

Skyman was perhaps unique in the sense he had no newspaper strips, movies or radio shows. His appearances were limited to just comics, with only four issues published under his own title – although in Big Shot Comics he appeared in stories from #1 all the way to the #101, ending May 1949.

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