Certainly some of the most collectable golden age comics were from publisher MLJ, which birthed Archie and subsequently changed its name to Archie Comics.  One of my top ten’s (Pep Comics #7) was published by MLJ and contains red white and blue superhero “The Shield.”   Another MLJ book, Shield-Wizard #7 (August 1942) also ranks right up there in regard to golden age awesomeness.  Cover art is by Jack Kirby and Irv Novick.   The cover “has it all,” featuring a skull on a post, the Wizard (Blane Whitney) taking on sword wielding zombie pirates, a WWII Japanese fort lurking in the background, and the Shield‘s (Joe Higgins) sidekick Dusty tied to the ship’s mast.  Eye catching on the newsstand rack no doubt.

Shield-Wizard Comics ran for a total of 13 issues, ending Spring 1944.

“The Shield and Dusty, Chapter 2…The Riddle of The Hun” Shield Wizard Comics #7

“The Wizard with Roy The Superboy” Shield Wizard Comics #7