Promotional art for Shanna the She-Devil vol. 2 #1 (April 2005).Art by Frank Cho.

Promotional art for Shanna the She-Devil vol. 2 #1 (April 2005). Art by Frank Cho.

Carole Seuling approached Stan Lee to develop and script a female character for Marvel Comics as part of a number of new series being launched in the early 1970s. The outcome of this collaboration, along with artist George Tuska, was the creation of Shanna the She-Devil. Shanna first appeared in “Shanna the She-Devil” #1 in 1972 with a Jim Steranko cover! She is often associated with the jungle and adventure genres within Marvel Comics.

Shanna O’Hara is a skilled and fierce warrior who has a strong connection with nature and the animal kingdom. She was born and raised in Africa, giving her a unique perspective on the wilderness and its inhabitants. Throughout her comic book history, Shanna has been depicted as a hunter, tracker, and protector of the jungle, using her exceptional survival skills to navigate through dangerous situations.

Over the years, Shanna has been involved in various storylines and adventures, often teaming up with other Marvel characters such as Ka-Zar, who is another jungle-themed hero. She has been shown as a competent and independent character who is not afraid to take matters into her own hands when it comes to defending her home and loved ones.

Shanna Action Figure

Shanna Action Figure

Shanna the She-Devil has appeared in numerous comic book series, limited series, and one-shot issues. Her stories often combine elements of action, adventure, and exploration of the wild, making her a distinctive figure in the Marvel Universe.

Writer/creator Carole Seuling played a significant role in founding the New York-based Comic Art Conventions (later known as the Big Apple Comic Con) in the early 1970s. These conventions were crucial in bringing together comic book creators, fans, collectors, and enthusiasts at a time when comic conventions were not as common as they are today. These events helped foster a sense of community among comic book enthusiasts and professionals.

Seuling also was at the the forefront in promoting and celebrating women’s contributions to the comic book industry. She founded the Friends of Lulu organization in 1994, which aimed to increase the visibility and representation of females working in the comics industry.