Romantic Marriage #9 back cover

This classic romance painted cover is by an unknown artist, from Romantic Marriage #9 published by Ziff-Davis January 1952.  In addition to the stunning cover, the “Wife Welcomes Husband” back cover is no less an intriguing 1950’s “Ozzie met Harriet” typical idealized family portrait – by an equally unknown artist.

The inside stories are highlighted below:

“Gloria” Romantic Marriage #9

Story synopsis: “After Meg and Tom marry, his sister Ellen comes to live with them in their tiny home. Meg resents it and wants her home and Tom to herself. She plots to get Ellen to leave and finally loses her temper with Ellen, just prior to collapsing with virus pneumonia. Ellen tends her while she is sick Ellen finds room in her heart and house for Ellen.”

  • The Man Next Door!
  • Wager on Love
  • Fair-Weather Wife

Story synopsis: “Traveling salesman Les is regularly away from his wife Ginny but plans to buy a small town hardware store and settle down. Ginny hates the plan, parties hard and finds herself pursued by Neil. She holds Neil off, but finally accepts his kisses when Les returns unexpectedly. Les leaves Ginny to buy the hardware store. Finally, Ginny follows, deciding a wife belongs at her husband’s side. He forgives her.”

  • Daddy’s Girl!
  • Passive Wife

“Joyce” Romantic Marriage #9

“Baby” Romantic Marriage #9

“Ginny” Romantic Marriage #9

“Harriet” Romantic Marriage #9

“fin” Romantic Marriage #9