Roger Dodger #5

Roger Dodger #5

Despite its numbering as issue #5*, the Roger Dodger title made its sole appearance in August 1952 under the Standard Comics banner. This single issue serves as both Roger’s debut and swan song, marking an ephemeral yet memorable chapter in comic book history. On the cover, Roger finds himself in need of a grammar lesson amid various distractions, hinting at the lighthearted mischief within.

The cast of characters includes Roger Dodger, Luella Flutter, Mabel, Percival, and Krank, who all partake in the well-honed formula of dating mischief, weaving a comedic tapestry of romantic entanglements and humorous hijinks.

Inside, the renowned artist Dan De Carlo leaves his mark with eight pages dedicated to the story “Slightly Punchy.” Officer Clancy’s infatuation with Leroy’s cousin Tillie, a student of boxing and wrestling, leads to comical exchanges such as his quip about learning the “art of clinching.”

Through its brief yet charming presence, Roger Dodger exemplifies the whimsical spirit of 1950s humor comics, offering readers a glimpse into a world of playful romance and mischievous antics.

It looks like Roger’s dash has turned into a victory lap!


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