File155Rangers Comics began as Rangers of Freedom Comics (a costume superhero team) which started 1941. It ran seven issues before being changed to Rangers Comics (continuing to use the noted cover flag banner). The series then ran for another 62 issues (to #69).

English: House ad, Fiction House (defunct maga...

English: House ad, Fiction House (defunct magazine & comics publisher), 1940s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rangers Comics was the last series publisher Fiction House would add to what it promoted as the “Big Six of the Comics.” As the comic subsidiary of a pulp publisher, Fiction house comics are
known for the eye catching pinup-style good girl art – and as such the “Big Six” have all found ample representation on this web site! The “Bix Six” were composed of: Jumbo, Jungle Comics, Wings Comics, Planet Comics, Fight Comics and Rangers Comics.File156

Rangers never made it to monthly publication and was the first of the “Big Six” to be cancelled. The title focused on war stories through 1945, then moved on to anthologies and westerns. It featured what many consider one of the best Western heroines—Firehair “Queen of the Sagebrush Frontier.” She debuted in #21 (1945) and ran through #65 (1952) and with cover appearances all the way from #40–65.

WerewolffixAlso of note, Clipboard01Rangers Comics ran one of the first attempts at a horror theme, Werewolf Hunter by Lily Renee.  It began in #8 and is included inside all my issues shown here. They are:

  • – #22 from December 1945. While the classic good girl cover is WWII themed, Firehair is promoted on the cover blurb and featured in the inside story.
  • – #32*, #34*, yeah  I had to get those.
  • – #36* from April 1947, noted for inside story Glory Forbes by good girl great Matt Baker.

* Sold Copy