Planet Comics #27

During an era dominated by superheroes, Planet Comics provided readers with a captivating departure into futuristic realms, intergalactic escapades, and imaginative narratives that pushed the boundaries of storytelling within the comic book format. Notably, this comic series also maintains a direct connection to the pulps, publishing under the same name.

The selected editions of Planet Comics that I’ve highlighted stand out as personal favorites within the series, thanks in large part to the mesmerizing cover art expertly crafted by Joe Doolin. Doolin, who embarked on his artistic journey with classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in 1916, shared classes with none other than Walt Disney. Upon relocating to New York, he initiated a prosperous career, marked prominently by contributions to various pulp magazines.

Welcomed into the realm of comic publishing, Doolin’s talents caught the eye of Fiction House, leading to a seamless transition from the pulp magazine Planet Stories to the renowned Planet Comics series. In the remarkable 55th issue, Doolin’s mastery shines as he adeptly employs angles and colors to execute a sales-maximizing cover art strategy, featuring an enchanting pin-up.

Within the pages of these editions, readers are transported into space opera tales rich with intriguing elements, including Voltamen bearing an uncanny resemblance to Nazis, a tool store vending “jet socket scrapers,” and the artistic brilliance of Matt Baker‘s Mysta of the Moon, adorned in a welding helmet. The narrative tapestry is woven with memorable characters like the audacious “Star Pirate,” the intrepid “Space Rangers,” and the formidable “Auro Lord of Jupiter.”

The fact that Planet Comics ran for a substantial number of issues (from 1940 to 1953) underscores its longevity and enduring appeal. However, as we approach issue #65 in 1951, the publication not only unveils new and original cover art but also delves into reprints of stories from Planet Comics that graced the pages eight years prior. As the celestial bodies rotate around the sun, changing content reflects the publisher financially adapting to the rapidly changing market within the comic book industry.

Planet Comics #27 was published November 1943.  Number #50 was published September 1947.  Shown below, issue #40 is from January 1946, #54* was published May 1948, issue #55* July, 1948, issue #65* Spring 1951 and #72* (cover art Maurice Whitman) Fall 1953.

* Sold copy