1142016fix4The issues of Planet Comics shown here are my favorites in the series and all (except #72) have the cover art by Joe Doolin.  Doolin took art classes in 1916 at at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts alongside Walt Disney and found success after relocating to New York and drawing for numerous pulp magazines.

Soon tapped by comic publisher Fiction House, Planet Comics was itself a spin-off of a pulp magazine Planet Stories.   On issue #55 July, 1948 Doolin does a great job using angles and colors to feature the sales-maximizing cover art File543Screenshot (4)formula of a sexy pin-up. Inside, the space opera tales feature Nazi looking Voltamen, a tool store selling “jet socket scrapers,” and Matt Baker‘s Mysta of the Moon in a welding helmet. All with catchy characters such as “Star Pirate,” “Space Rangers” and  “Auro Lord of Jupiter.” The whole series ran long enough that by the time number #65 (top) was released in 1951, it was publishing reprints of stories (with a new original cover) that had run in Planet Comics eight years earlier.

Issues below were all still original stories.  Number #50 was published September 1947, #54 on May 1948 and #72 on October 1953 (cover art Maurice Whitman).