Innocent times during a simpler era.  You could take your gal out on the town and grab a meal of two, five cent hot dogs.  Of course some things never change, the lure of the bright lights of a New York nightclub create perhaps a more enviable option . The cover by Al Jaffee from January 1946 appears on #9* of Timely’s very long running Patsy Walker series.


March 1949 Cover Art by Al Jaffee, Marvel Comics

Patsy was a very successful character. Having first appeared in Miss America Magazine (November 1944) she soon acquired her own title that ran twenty years. There were also spin-off titles Patsy & Hedy and Patsy & Her Pals, as well as numerous appearances in All-Teen, Teen Comics and Girls’ Life into the 1950s. The books followed the tried and true teen humor niche made popular by Archie — filled with the typical school, family and friends hi-jinx.

Patsy Walker

Patsy Walker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly, Marvel actually revived her character in the early ’70’s, including her as part of X-Men member Beast’s own comic series. Eventually she even acquired The Cat‘s superpowers, and with some additional super training spent time with The Avengers and The Defenders and just recently acquired her very own title again, under the name Hellcat.


I owned and subsequently sold copies of issue #12* (Timely August 1947), #21* and #44* (Atlas , January 1953).

There were a couple of spin offs to Patsy as well, including Miss America and Patsy and Hedy.

*sold copy