Uncle Sam

National Comics was a successful series for Quality, running 75 issues from July 1940 – December 1949. 


Cover art for National Comics #6* (December 1940) is by the highly collected Lou Fine featuring Quality Publishing mainstay superheroes Uncle Sam and Quicksilver

It was a bit of a surprise purchase for me.  If you can look past the “chew” in the bottom right you might also notice a motorcycle!  Yep, had to add another comic book to the collection.  

“Sabotage” by Will Eisner

The first inside story “Sabotage”  by Will Eisner (shown on the left) strikes an eerie resemblance to 9-11, yet it was drawn over sixty years earlier. 

Sally O’Neil Policewoman

Other inside characters include the highly competent and self-sufficient  Sally O’Neil Policewoman and yet another “Red, White and Blue” superhero known as Wonder Boy.

Wonder Boy

National Comics #67