In 1947, the world was introduced to Moon Girl, a fearless warrior hailing from the kingdom of Samarkand, in the pages of EC‘s ‘The Happy Houlihans.’ Her origin story, steeped in mysticism, revolves around a magic moonstone that bestowed upon her incredible powers, enabling her to vanquish any foe who dared to challenge her. Much like the iconic Red Sonja from Marvel Comics, Moon Girl held firm to her independence, refusing to marry any man who couldn’t best her in battle.

Quickly gaining popularity, Moon Girl soon found herself at the helm of her own title, ‘Moon Girl and the Prince.’ Among her defeated adversaries was Prince Mengu, whom she later joined forces with to combat crime in America. Adopting the aliases of teachers Lionel Manning and Clare Lune, the duo embarked on a thrilling adventure as crime fighters.

Issue number three*, depicted here, marks the transition to the standalone title ‘Moon Girl,’ shedding the ‘…and the Prince’ moniker. Illustrated by the talented Sheldon Moldoff, renowned for his work on Kid Eternity, Hawkman, and as a ghost artist on Batman, this issue captures the essence of Moon Girl’s indomitable spirit.As the series progressed, EC’s ever-evolving trends led to yet another title change, transforming Moon Girl into ‘Moon Girl Fights Crime’ by the seventh issue. Teaming up with a new female sidekick named Star, Moon Girl continued her crusade against injustice.

The final four issues saw Moon Girl’s adventures take an unexpected turn, delving into the realm of romance as the series concluded under the title ‘A Moon, a Girl…Romance.’

Dive into the moonlit mysteries of Moon Girl’s world, where each page is filled with lunar allure and heroic exploits! Join her as she battles injustice, explores romance, and dances under the moon’s glow in this captivating comic odyssey!

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