992016fix1This fun football themed cover was printed January 1952 for issue Volume 7 #43 by Miss America Publications (which was part of Marvel/Atlas).

Cover art is signed by Al Jaffee, the artist most associated with Patsy Walker (lead in her own popular Atlas comic series).

Jaffee started out studying art in New York City at the High School of Music and Art. Jaffee got his start in comics in 1941 at Timely and Atlas Comics . After serving in WWII as an artist for the military he returned to work in 1946 for Stan Lee editing Timely’s humor and teenage comics, including the “Patsy Walker” franchise.

From 1957 to 1963 Jaffee also drew the “Tall Tales” panel, which was syndicated to over 100 newspapers worldwide.

Jaffee first appeared in Mad in 1955, and in 1964 he created his longest-running Mad feature, the “Fold-In” for which he received a Special Features Reuben Award In 1972.

Jaffee actually holds an official Guinness World Records for “the longest career as a comics artist” at 73 years and 3 months beginning with Jaffee’s contribution to the December 1942 issue of Joker Comics and continuing through the April 2016 issue of Mad Magazine.