File7654Millie the Model Comic covers have become some of my favorites in a crowded field that includes Jeanie, Patsy, Nellie etc,.

Millie on #20 is complete with fish in the net, from January 1949 by an unknown artist.

The distracted motorcycle buyer on #46 (series having now been dropped to a thin 36 pages from 56) is from September 1953.  It is credited to the dynamic Lee/de Carlo duo.  That is scripts by Stan Lee and art by Dan de Carlo.  

Books representing this dream teaming (like My Friend Irma) are getting hard to find and more expensive.


If you are reading this, you probably already know who Stan Lee is, so nothing need be said there.  But Dan de Carlo‘s skyrocketing popularity seems to stem from his gga credentials, having moonlighted on numerous sexy comedy pin-ups for men’s mags like “Breezy.”  Working for Stan on Millie (and Jeanie) were really Dan’s first artistic publications.  The duo later also took over My Friend Irma.  Still looking to increase his income, Dan would later start working for Archie Comics.  That brand would eventually would lead to his largest successes and fame.

Not having my fill of Dan de Carlo’s Millie, I’ve added #22 – classic GGA Millie in nothing but a towel cover.  Also, #30, which contains a television theme similar to the motorcyle cover as well as #31* golf cover and #32* car crash cover. There was also a high grade scale, #47* a day at the beach beauty that I had to sell to finance more comic purchases.






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