Lucy, The Real Gone Gal continued on as Meet Miss Pepper after just four short issues . Issue #2 here was  published August 1953 by St. John.

Despite  the “Desperate Housewives” like cover and title, the interior is a tamer Katy Keene knock-off. Also like Katy, the book features cut out dolls that were very popular at the time.  The main character Kitty (or Lucy) was originally drawn by Lily Renée.  St. John reprinted the stories, and at the same time whited out both Renée’s signature and Kitty’s name – changing it to Lucy in the first issue.  Like so many golden age comics, there is no information about this specific issue.  I can’t be sure if it also include Renée reprints or was original content.  Likewise, I am unable to locate a definitive cover artist.

* sold copy