Move over Archie, step back [insert Timely title here] – Kathy comic covers are the kings of innuendo.


Someone over at Standard Comics had the chutzpah to script suggestive enough covers to keep sales churning for 17 issues (from September 1949 to September 1955).

And solidly scripted cover quips were not the only strong suit of Kathy. Few collectors probably realize the cover of #2* (January 1949) on the left is by the great Alex Schomburg!

For whatever reason, however, they haven’t taken off with collectors like their Archie/Timely comic book brethren. That is a shame, since I own three issues.

Filex527My other issues (#11* from May 1952) and #16* (January 1952) are the cover art of Art Saaf, and both contain a couple of inside stories by Dan De Carlo.

Artie “Art” Saaf was a prolific contributor to comics during the 1940’s. A Pratt Institute art graduate, he drew a number of Fiction House and Quality characters, and did covers for Jumbo Comics, Rangers and Wings (including some in demand WWII GGA covers). After 1954, he left comics for the Ad Agency world, creating storyboards for commercials in the burgeoning TV industry. In the late 60’s and early 70’s he returned to comics with D.C.

Characters featured include Kathy and Hank.

* Sold copy