Step back, Archie Comics – Kathy comic covers are the true masters of suggestive allure! For an impressive 17 issues, from September 1949 to September 1955, Standard Comics kept readers hooked with their daring and cheeky cover scripts that still left something to the imagination.


But Kathy’s allure doesn’t stop there. Behind the saucy covers lies a treasure trove of talent, including the iconic Alex Schomburg, whose artwork graced the cover of issue #2* in January 1949 – a fact that’s sure to surprise many collectors!

Yet, despite their undeniable charm and top-tier contributors like Art Saaf, Kathy Comics haven’t quite reached the same collector frenzy as their Archie and Timely counterparts. But that’s about to change, especially with gems like issue #11* from May 1952 and #16* from January 1952, boasting cover art by the legendary Art Saaf and featuring stories penned by none other than Dan De Carlo!


Art Saaf’s legacy spans from the Golden Age of comics to the Ad Agency world. A Pratt Institute art graduate, he drew a number of Fiction House and Quality characters, and did covers for Jumbo Comics, Rangers and Wings (including some in demand WWII GGA covers). After 1954, he left comics for the Ad Agency world, creating storyboards for commercials in the burgeoning TV industry.

And Kathy Comics? They’re the epitome of ‘America’s Most Lovable Teen-Ager’ characters, with Kathy and Hank leading the charge into comedic and charming adventures.

* Sold copy