Junior Comics #12

Junior Comics #12

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You may not believe me, but I am being honest. A few years back when I re-started collecting books I didn’t know comic books like this existed!

Upon reflection I can imagine in the days well before the internet, television and indeed even Playboy magazine there would have been a strong male urge to slip one of these issues in with the mix of Walt Disney Comics and Stories, Walter Lantz New Funnies and Looney Tunes. Undoubtedly, more than one startled mother stumbled upon a hidden copy beneath a bed.

05It is so extreme I have trouble even placing it into the Archie “humor” category so many comics of the time fell into – it really is an outlier. I’m really not sure how the series from Fox Feature Syndicate ever made it to the newsstands, even without the Comics Code Authority.

The featured Junior Comics #12 from March 1948, with artwork by Al Feldstein throughout, takes the notion of “headlights” to a level not witnessed again until Madonna’s iconic conical corset bra in the Blonde Ambition tour of the 1990s. Moreover, the wind-whipped skirt panty reveal wouldn’t grace the public eye until Marilyn Monroe immortalized it in the classic scene from the movie Seven Year Itch in 1954.

32Feldstein’s primary character, Junior Hancock (yes, that is his name), primarily associates with his brunette gal pal, Deena Dawson. Deena’s generously endowed features seem to be a familial trait passed down from her mother. Judging by Mrs. Dawson’s appearance, one can assume she successfully passed Mr. Dawson’s physical exam with flying colors.

Junior’s circle of friends extends to redhead Gwenny Grant and blondes Bunny and Dolly.

As Deena aptly puts it, “Get the wolfish gleam out of your eyes, Junior.”