Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land

Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

File651jPaul Norris drew this colorful cover of Jungle Jim #14* published on October of 1949. Artist Norris was a World War II vet who moved on from Jim to later draw the Brick Bradford newspaper strips.

The ongoing Sunday newspaper series that started in 1934 (by Don Moore and artist Alex Raymond) was King Features Syndicate answer to United Feature Syndicate‘s Tarzan (as Flash Gordon was King’s answer to United’s Buck Rogers).

jjOn this cover “Jungle” Jim Bradley sacrifices his hunting rifle and pith helmet in order to hoist Lilli deVrille out of the dugout canoe just as it goes over the precipice of the falls – tearing off the sleeve of her blouse in the process. ¬†As noted on the cover stories are specially written for this magazine, not newspaper reprints.

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