Photo of actors Judy Canova and George Raft

Photo of actors Judy Canova and George Raft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much in the same vein as of My Friend Irma, Judy Canova wasn’t just a title of a comic book, but rather one part of a multi-media juggernaut that included film, radio, broadway and television. Popular through 1943 to 1955, Juliette Canova,  aka Judy Canova gained popularity as a raucous singing and yodeling comedienne whose shtick was hamming it up as a hayseed from the sticks.

Click to readThe comic book here is Judy Canova #3* (September 1950) from Fox.  Cover art is  Joe Orlando (pencils) and Wally Wood (inks). The artists playfully placed various Fox publishing employees around the man hunting Canova, including Martin Thall (foreground) and Sid Check, Wally Wood, Victor Fox, Joe Orlando in the paddy wagon.


*sold copy