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Screenshot of John Wayne from the trailer for the film Wake of the Red Witch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


None other than the legendary John Wayne himself graces the pages of John Wayne Adventure Comics #23*, published by Toby Press in November 1953. In this thrilling issue, “The Duke” takes to an iron horse to assist the police in tracking down a killer, leading readers on an action-packed journey through the rugged landscapes of the Wild West.

John Wayne, an icon of American cinema known for his roles in countless Western films, brought his larger-than-life persona to the comic book world in this exciting series. With his trademark stoicism and courage, Wayne’s portrayal of the cowboy hero captivated audiences both on screen and in the pages of comics.

With a captivating cover illustrated by the talented John Rosenberger, this issue captures the essence of adventure and danger that defines the series. Join John Wayne as he embodies the spirit of the iconic cowboy hero, riding tall and fearless in the face of danger.

Originally spanning 31 exciting issues from 1949 to 1955, John Wayne Adventure Comics remains a timeless classic, cherished by fans of Western comics and John Wayne enthusiasts alike.

So saddle up and prepare for a thrilling ride alongside “The Duke” himself in John Wayne Adventure Comics – where every page is packed with excitement and adventure!

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