My Jo-Jo Comics are pictured here. They are key representations of Golden Age Good Girl art (gga). Most are from 1948. Most cover art is credited to Jack Kamen


Jo-Jo Comics #11

A couple of them are in stellar condition with the exception that in someone’s storage they became stuck to the comics they were packed with and lost portions of the corners.

But back to Jo-Jo.  An obvious rip-off of Tarzan, Jo-Jo Congo King manages to maintain order in the jungle despite frequent temptations to stray from his jungle chatelaine. One issue in the Jo-Jo series (#15) found its way into Seduction of the Innocent.  Aiee!

The ‘Ole Man’s collection contained a Jo-Jo Comics #7a- which I re-acquired.  Cover artist on this issue is unknown. With his betrothed Gwenna strapped to an armored elephant and the fact Tanee is Jo-Jo’s main squeeze in later issues, one has to wonder if the Congo King’s spear throw goes awry?

Issue #7a also contains a rare superheroine the Purple Tigress who only ever made two appearances, here and in All Good Comics.  My other copies of Jo-Jo appear below.