Displayed here are my Jo-Jo “Congo King” Comics, iconic representations of Golden Age Good Girl Art (GGA), mostly dating back to 1948. The credit for most cover art goes to the talented Jack Kamen.

While many of these comics are in excellent condition, a couple suffered the unfortunate consequence of becoming stuck to others during storage, resulting in the loss of portions of their corners.

Now, returning to the world of Jo-Jo Congo King, an unmistakable homage to Tarzan, the character skillfully maintains order in the jungle despite frequent temptations to stray from his jungle chatelaine. It’s noteworthy that one particular issue in the Jo-Jo series, namely #15, found its way into the controversial book ” into Seduction of the Innocent.” Aiee!


Jo-Jo Comics #11

Within the ‘Ole Man’s collection, there was a Jo-Jo Comics #7a, which I successfully re-acquired. The cover artist for this issue remains unknown. The cover depicts Jo-Jo’s betrothed, Gwenna, strapped to an armored elephant, raising the intriguing question of whether the Congo King’s spear throw might go awry – especially considering Tanee becomes Jo-Jo’s main squeeze in later issues. Issue #7a also introduces a rare superheroine, the Purple Tigress, who made only two appearances—here and in All Good Comics.

The collection below showcases my other copies of Jo-Jo, each preserving a unique piece of Golden Age comic book history.