Dating back to 1913, these two lovebirds hold the title for the oldest characters of any comic in my collection.  Distributed by King Features Syndicate Jiggs and Maggie were the two main characters of a newspaper strip titled Bringing Up Father. And what’s their secret to longevity? Well, besides Maggie’s trusty rolling pin persuasion!

Creator George McManus, a master of wit, immortalized this iconic duo with his sharp humor and relatable scenarios. While their fame brought riches (some of which was lost in the 1929 stock market crash), it wasn’t from comic books but through various other media ventures.

Jiggs is an Irish immigrant turned millionaire thanks to a lucky sweepstakes win, but still yearning for his old working-class life. He’s all about sneaking out with his rowdy pals, indulging in his favorite ‘Jiggs dinner’ of corned beef and cabbage, and hitting up the local tavern for some good ol’ fashioned fun.

But standing in his way? None other than his formidable, social-climbing wife Maggie, armed with her trusty rolling pin and an iron will! She’s determined to keep Jiggs on the straight and narrow, even if it means squashing his dreams of reverting to his old ways.

Did you know? The famous Dinty Moore stew got its name from a tavern keeper in the strip! Talk about leaving a legacy beyond the funny pages!

Despite McManus’s passing in 1954, Jiggs and Maggie’s antics continued, becoming the longest-running daily newspaper strip in history until its final bow in 2000.

Join in on the laughter as Jiggs and Maggie navigate the ups and downs of newfound wealth, marital hijinks, and the eternal struggle between old habits and new fortunes. It’s a comedic journey you won’t want to miss!