Yet another addition to the pantheon of Marvel/Atlas teen gal humor titles, this “Queens of the Teens,” emerges from the prolific studio under the editorial helm of Stan Lee, featuring the craftsmanship of another artist shrouded in obscurity. What’s certain is that issue #20* hit the shelves in July 1948, and amidst a sea of comedy titles, this cover undeniably commands attention.

The melodic strains of “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair,” a tune dating back to 1854, emanate from the jukebox, adding a nostalgic touch to the scene. Interestingly, during the early 1940s, an ASCAP boycott protesting licensing fees rendered most contemporary music unplayable by radio broadcasters. In response, they turned to public-domain songs like “Jeanie.” Time magazine wryly remarked that “So often had BMI’s ‘Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair’ been played that she was widely reported to have turned grey.”

Jeanie herself transitions from the pages of Willie Comics and Georgie Comics to claim her own title. Her comic series, spanning issues 13 to 27, seamlessly continues from the Marvel title “All Surprise” and later morphs into “Cowgirl Romances” lassoing readers with tales of love and adventure.








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