Another “Queen of the Teens,” another comic churned out of the Marvel/Atlas studio under Editor Stan Lee, and another unknown artist. What is known is that issue 20* was published July 1948 and while there are lots of comedy titles, I think this cover genuinely stands out from the pack.  Marvel wiki lists the artist as Al Jaffee.

The song coming from the jukebox “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair” was published way back in 1854. Interestingly, during the early 1940′s an ASCAP boycott protesting licensing fees left most modern music unplayable by radio broadcasters. In response, they turned to public-domain songs such as Jeanie.  Time magazine is quoted as writing that “So often had BMI’s Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair been played that she was widely reported to have turned grey.”

Jeanie herself crossed-over from Willie Comics and Georgie Comics into her own title. Her comic series numbering (13-27) continued from Marvel title All Surprise and continued on as Cowgirl Romances.

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