Howard the Duck's first appearance, from Adven...

Howard the Duck’s first appearance, from Adventure into Fear #19. Art by penciler Val Mayerik and inker Sal Trapani. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Howard was, well a duck.  But he was no Donald or Daffy.  Created by Steve Gerber he first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1973.  He was, “trapped in a world he never made” by slipping through a dimensional warp in the Fear #19 (December, 1973). After an unexpectedly enthusiastic response, he got a feature inside “Giant-Size Man-Thing.” When that series was canceled Marvel gave him his own comic with a January, 1976 cover date.

Howard the Duck (film)

Howard the Duck (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During his various escapades he met the rock group Kiss, briefly became a member of The Defenders and during the election year of 1976 was the nominee of the All-Night Party for president of the United States.

Curiously Disney threatened to sue Marvel.  Marvel got around the allegations by creating a story for the character where Howard the Duck is sued for public indecency.  Once Howard started wearing pants the Disney suit went way.

Eventually, Howard’s popularity waned – but not without one last great fizzle.  In 1986, Howard starred in a major motion picture produced by George Lucas of Star Wars fame.  The film was universally lambasted and Howard essentially faded into oblivion.

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