The Hawk #4

The Hawk was a comic series that ran for twelve issues.  The first three were published by Ziff Davis, while St. John carried on publishing issues #4 through #12.  The covers of issues #8-#12 were by artist Matt Baker. My copy of #4 shown here was published October 1953. 

The western genre was exploding across television, Saturday morning serials and movies in the 1950’s.  And the genres exposure helped the western to supersede popularity of even the likes of Batman and Superman. A trend noticed and opportunity seized by comic publishers. 

A western hero, while perhaps not “super,” was still able to use uncommon skill, courageousness and honorable attitude to thwart lawlessness in the fight for good against evil.  The gunslinger even possessed a nearly superhuman speed and ability with their six-gun shooter.





But back to The Hawk, aka “Bob Hardie.”  In this issue he “is ‘goin’ tuh clean out this town!”  Confidently declaring “Shootin’ is my business!

But short-time girlfriend Madge is fretting.. “Thanks fer worryin’ ’bout me Madge! I can take care of myself.

Once the town of Greasewood was cleared of its “riff-raff, saddle bums and owlhoots ,” it was time “‘tuh move on!”  After all, The Hawk can’t be tied down – “There are other places where I’m needed.”  Madge should have already understood that – but you can’t blame her for trying.