glowtieThis advertisement is from Georgie Comics #5, published March 1946 by Timely.  But its frequency of appearance my only lag behind Daisy Air Rifles.

It is the job of successful advertising to place a correlation between product and positive result in our minds. And unlike statistical research, there is no need to actually prove causation.

Consider a modern day beer commercial. Does drinking beer make you more attractive – bringing a flock of eager, pretty, smiling women to one’s side? It is less likely to cause an attraction than a glowing tie!

Nevertheless advertising still does attempt to germinate the idea that a tie, illuminated with the ever so suave words “will you kiss me in the dark baby” can “surprise and thrill every girl you meet.”  “See how it excites” for $1.49.  No telling what one could do with three for $4.22!