glowtieAh, the wonders of vintage advertising! This gem hails from Georgie Comics #5, hitting newsstands back in March 1946, courtesy of Timely Comics. The number of appearances of Girls Can’t Resist – Glowing Kiss Me Necktie ads in Golden Age comics might just be trailing behind those of Daisy Air Rifles.

Now, successful advertising is all about planting that seed of correlation between product and positive outcome in our minds. And who needs rigorous statistical proof when you can just conjure up some clever associations?

Take a gander at a modern beer commercial, for instance. Does chugging down a cold one really summon a flock of eager, pretty, smiling women to your side? I’d say it’s less likely to attract attention of women than the glowing tie!

Nevertheless, advertising continues to peddle the idea that a tie, adorned with the oh-so-suave words “will you kiss me in the dark baby,” can magically “surprise and thrill every girl you meet.” And for the low, low price of $1.49, you too can witness the excitement firsthand. Who knows what kind of mischief you could get into with three for just $4.22!