Surprising as it may seem, even the squeaky-clean publisher DC Comics dipped its toes into the gritty genre of crime comics, spurred by declining superhero sales by 1947. Enter Gang Busters, a title spun off from the popular radio show of the same name, which aired on CBS for an impressive 21 years from 1936 to 1957. The issue showcased here, #4 from July 1948, was undoubtedly snagged for its captivating cover featuring a cop on a motorcycle, ready to tackle crime head-on.

The dynamic cover art was crafted by the venerable Win Mortimer, a World War II veteran of the Canadian Army who joined DC Comics in 1945. Mortimer wasted no time making his mark, contributing to iconic Batman and Superman comics before transitioning to cover art duties for these same heroes by the early 1950s. His talent even extended to taking over Superman duties for the daily newspaper strip.

Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of Gang Busters, where justice rides on two wheels and every page is packed with pulse-pounding action!

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