I know. Dell’s Four Color is not really what comes to mind when you think of the term Good Girl. However, take a closer look at #190 in particular to see if it changes your mind. A Paul Norris drawn damsel in leather boots – I mean come on!

Each of these probably deserve its own page on this site, but the since the eclectic Four Color published anything from Roy Rogers to Bugs Bunny in a given week, it is fitting to list them together here.

  • Four Color #176

    Four Color #176

    # 176* features Tillie the Toiler from December 1947. Tillie was the main character in a long running newspaper strip and even made it to film in the roaring era of the 1920’s. She worked for a clothing company, and at keeping the ever fixated Clarence “Mac” MacDougall constantly at the chase. Since this comic is reportedly made of reprints of these strips (which were all done by cartoonist Russ Westover) it is un-explainable that cover, pencils, inks and scripts are assigned to Jack Callahan by Grand Comics Database?

Four Color #190

Four Color #190

  • # 190* features Flash Gordon from June 1948. Artist Paul Norris penciled and inked cover as well as inside stories. The Fremont Nebraska educated Norris is most known as the co-creator of superhero Aquaman for D.C. Upon returning from service in WWII he worked on newspaper strips Jungle Jim and later Brick Bradford.


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