I understand. While Dell’s Four Color may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering “Good Girl” imagery, a closer examination of #190 might just change your perspective. With a Paul Norris-drawn damsel clad in leather boots, it’s hard to deny the allure.

Each of these entries likely merits its own dedicated page on this site. However, given Four Color’s eclectic range—from Roy Rogers to Bugs Bunny in any given week—it seems fitting to group them together here.

  • Four Color #176

    Four Color #176

    #176* showcases Tillie the Toiler from December 1947, a character originating from a long-running newspaper strip who even graced the silver screen during the roaring ’20s. Tillie’s escapades at a clothing company, constantly evading the attentions of the ever-persistent Clarence “Mac” MacDougall, are immortalized within. Though reportedly comprised of reprints from Russ Westover‘s original strips, it’s puzzling that cover art, pencils, inks, and scripts are attributed to Jack Callahan by the Grand Comics Database.

Four Color #190

Four Color #190

  • #190* brings Flash Gordon to the forefront in June 1948. Illustrated by Paul Norris, both cover and interior stories are brought to life by his skilled hand. Educated in Fremont, Nebraska, Norris is best known as the co-creator of the superhero Aquaman for DC Comics. Returning from service in WWII, he lent his talents to newspaper strips like Jungle Jim and later, Brick Bradford.”Flash, Gordon!”


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