Flash Comics #11

Flash Comics #11*

Hopefully for our damsel in distress, Hawkman has more weapons with which to fight the angry giant gorilla than just a rock and sling shot!  And indeed he does.  As it turns out the slingshot is just one of many ancient armaments from a vast collection that Hawkman, aka Carter Hall, can call upon. In addition, he possesses a winged harness made of the “Ninth Metal,” which contains anti-gravity properties enabling flight.

Carter Hall was reincarnated from an ancient Egyptian Prince, Khufu.  He also envisioned a woman named Shiera, with whom he subsequently met in modern times as Shiera Sanders.  It turned out she also had a vision about him, and soon started wearing a female version of the superhero costume as Hawkgirl. Carter and Shiera were finally married eleven years later in 1951.

Flash Comics #29

Flash Comics #29*

In Flash Comics #11* (November 1940), Hawkman investigates the dubious activities of Real Bay Corporation.  In Flash #29* (May 1942) Hawkman and Hawkgirl face the deadly danger of a maniac who has developed a species of half-human, thinking and talking plants.

Cover art on both is by Sheldon “Shelly” Moldoff. Hawkman and the Flash were both created and scripted by Gardner F. Fox.  The two characters appeared in all 104 issues of Flash Comics.

Flash Comics #87

Flash Comics #87



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