fFiction House was a publisher of pulp magazines and comic books from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Its best known for taking a pinup-style good girl art and applying it across the whole portfolio of titles. The approach to issue selling titillating cover art is epitomized in Fight Comics.

The all time classic of this is the cover on issue #39*.  Artwork is by Joe Doolin with Lily Renee doing the art on the gun(s) pointing Senorita Rio (August 1945). Senorita Rio could stop any attacker in his tracks! The character’s alias was “Consuela Maria Ascencion De Las Vegas.”Filex5

Issue #43* from April 1946 was also drawn by artist Joe Doolin (who lent his skills to some of my favorite Planet Comics).  Here he portrays an Aztec goddess threatening an innocent flapper girl. Of course, the cover has no relation to any of the inside stories, which feature the renowned good girl artist Matt Baker drawing characters Kayo Kirby and Tiger Girl.

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Issue #78* is a classic “tail light” cover.  Never much question about who the target audience of a Fight Comic was!

I also acquired (and subsequently sold) a few other issues which I have listed below.  I love ’em, but can only afford to tie up so much money into this hobby! Issue #46* features Señorita Rio by Joe Doolin. The cover displays what might be the earliest appearance/example of a zombie; complete with green-face and pirate-like hook hand!

Filex51File55fIssue #47* from January 1947 is another Señorita Rio, in this case drawn by the artist for which the character is primarily known, Lily Renee. Inside stories feature the typical lineup of characters such as “Hooks Devlin,” but also introduces Patsy Pinup (authored under the curious pseudonym “Swing Sista“) in a single page filler.

Issues #10* and #24* below are great covers from an even earlier WWII era (October 1940 and February 1943). Both covers are by Dan Zolnerowich and these thick 68 page books are packed with stories by famous artists such as George TuskaAlex Blum and Nick Cardy.



* Sold copy
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