Ernie Comics #25

Ernie Comics #25, released in March 1949, holds a unique distinction as the sole humor genre comic to grace my top twenty covers list, a testament to its enduring charm and comedic appeal.  I like it so much, I found copies of the other three books in the series.

The artistic brilliance behind these issue is attributed to Mike Suchorsky, a talent whose potential was tragically cut short by a boating/fishing accident early in his career. His contributions to Ernie Comics remain a poignant reminder of his talent and the impact of his untimely departure from the comic world.

Despite its brief run of only four issues, Ernie Comics continued through its numbering transition from Andy Comics (Ace Magazines, 1948 series) to its final iteration as All Love (Ace Magazines, 1949 series).

On the cover of Ernie Comics #25 the humor reaches new heights as stamp-collecting-obsessed Ernie finds himself hilariously distracted from Teddie by his prospective father-in-law’s stamps, proving that even love-struck hearts can’t resist the allure of a captivating collection.


Ernie Comics #22

Ernie Comics #23 Cippen “D” Copy

Ernie Comics #24

Ernie Comics #24








Andy Comics #21*









* Sold Copy