Dotty Comics #37

This short-lived series from Ace Magazines had a brief run of only six issues, beginning unexpectedly with issue #35. My copy of #37, showcased on the right, holds the distinction of being the “highest graded on the CGC census.”

Featuring the teen humor genre, characters Dotty and Lester take center stage in this collection of stories.

In “Magical Mania,” witness the hilarity unfold as Lester unwittingly finds himself on stage as Madame Mimi, bringing the house down with his antics.

Join Dotty in “The Date Haters” as she embarks on a vacation incognito as Frances Fairfield, only to discover herself at a hotel hosting a convention of the Women Haters of America.

Lastly, dive into “The Wrong Number for Love!” as Dotty finds herself in a whirlwind romance with Tony Drake, a movie star. Will their love withstand the pressures of the spotlight?

Issue #36*, featured below, dates back to August 1948 with art by Al Hartley. The “Real Hep Cutie” bears a striking resemblance to Rita Hayworth in a Bob Landry photograph from the 1941 cover of Life Magazine. Hayworth’s image became iconic as the most popular pinup among G.I.s during World War II.

All I said was – ‘I think I’m out of gas!’


Dotty Comics #36











* Sold Copy