9262015fixA quintuple score cover!  Skull, atomic, good girl, bondage and superhero rolled into one.

The Doll Man #37* (December 1951) cover was inked and penciled by Reed Crandall and Chuck Cuidera.

Doll Man originally appeared December, 1939 in Feature Comics from Quality Comics.  By his fourth appearance, Doll Man was already the gracing the cover as the star. Created by Will Eisner, Doll Man was a research chemist named Darrel Dane who invented a formula allowing him to both shrink and return to normal (like Marvel’s later superhero, The Atom).

Martha Roberts debuts as Doll Girl in Doll Man...

Martha Roberts debuts as Doll Girl in Doll Man #37. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps attracted to his red fairy boots, he won the affection of Martha Roberts. After 12 years of dating she finally consumes his magic shrinking potion to become good girl sidekick Doll Girl.

Doll Man’s nifty skill set allowed him to poke criminal’s hands with ink pens, and probably most notably turn his pet dog Elmo (along with common children’s toys) into transportation and crime fighting tools. Such abilities helped to combat arch enemy Skull and other lawbreakers. This led him to remain popular for a longer period than most Golden Age superheroes – surviving all the way until October, 1953.

Doll Man #28 was also added to the collection fighting, with cover featuring The Flame and inside Torchy story.

Doll Man #28

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