Dixie Dugan #5

Dixie Dugan #5

Dixie Dugan burst onto the scene in 1928 with the book Showgirl, followed by Hollywood Girl in 1929, both crafted by J.P. McEvoy, a former Chicago Tribune employee. In the era of the pre-stock market crash roaring ’20s, books about showgirls were decidedly risqué. This success catapulted Dixie into a Broadway musical adaptation and three Hollywood movies.

The transition to newspaper comic strips occurred in 1929, brought to life by artist John H. Streibel, who also illustrated the original books. Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, the comic strip found its way into the pages of comic books as reprints.


Issue #5* features reprints from later years of these strips, revealing a more subdued version of Dixie, now portrayed as a school teacher.

The original publication dates of the strips within this comic remain unclear. Although the story text mentions 1946 twice, the original dates seem to have been covered over and replaced for the comic’s release. Nevertheless, the inside stories offer intriguing cultural and historical clues dating it to WWII, such as Dixie’s students threatening to petition the mayor for what they perceive as “un-American activity”: the absence of a summer vacation from school. However, it’s revealed that their lack of vacation is due not to Dixie, but because their fathers are all “still in the service” and their mothers are working. “You should be proud you can’t have a vacation under the circumstances,” Dixie explains.

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