The undisputed champion of advertising in the pages of golden age comic books was the Daisy Air Rifle Company.  One is hard pressed to not run into one of its full page ads while flipping through the funny pages of virtually any random copy from Superman to Red Ryder (who had his own Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun) .

On the business side of things, publishers were obligated to provide proof its customers advertisements ran.  Daisy Air Rifle Company would send the ad to a publisher like D.C., and they in turn would mail a copy of the comic from the printed run back as evidence the ad ran (aka “you got what you paid for”).  A staff member of The Daisy Air Rifle Company then pulled the cover off (sometimes with some inside pages), in many cases stamped “Checking Copy” on the cover, and promptly filed it away.  Fortunately, some of these file copies found their way onto the market and I was lucky enough to purchase a few.