Dagar Desert Hawk #14

Dagar Desert Hawk embarked on its adventure with eight bi-monthly issues under Fox Feature Syndicate, starting from #14 and curiously ending with #23, skipping a couple of digits along the way. Despite this numerical hiccup, Fox knew how to catch the eye of buyers with captivating “good girl” covers, with #14 standing as a classic example of their allure.

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Dagar Desert Hawk #22*

The cover art for all these issues was skillfully crafted by Edmond Good, who later ventured into a different realm of design as the Artistic Director for Tupperware.

Dagar, portraying a sheik of European descent living as a wealthy and influential Arab, found his love interest, Ayesha, introduced in Fox’s All Great Comics.

In issue #19 (August 1948), Dagar finds himself in a daring rescue mission, saving Leandra the reporter and her group of pyramid tomb archaeologists from an ambush by Slim Ben’s clan of desert dwellers.

Upon being rescued, Leandra compliments Dagar on his horse “You have a beautiful horse Dagar,” to which Dagar responds with his trademark calmness, “We’ll talk about beauty later.”

Smooth move indeed, Dagar, but one wonders, have you perhaps overlooked Ayesha?


Dagar Desert Hawk #23*

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Dagar Desert Hawk #15

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Dagar Desert Hawk #19
















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